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17 Ha'Tidhar Street
Ra'anana Industrial Area


To contact us:

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Do you want to be a QA Tester?
Do you have a positive attitude? Are you inquisitive? Do you think out the box? Can you communicate in English?

Apply to join our QA Tester Internship

The internship:

Runs for 5 months

Provides three weeks of
intensive hands on training

Includes a 4 month
internship of 80 hours per
month of onsite training at
some of Israel's leading hi-tech companies (equivalent to approximately ˝ time)

OnTarget Quality runs the only true internship in the industry

For more information, please e-mail Justine, enclosing a full CV

Last updated 30-Jun-12

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For information about Technical or Marcom documentation services, Training, Contracting and the Technical Writing Internship, please see the OnTarget Communications web site.

OnTarget Quality specializes in finding you the right Quality Assurance
professional. Our focus is to provide you with a stress-free and cost-
effective expansion to your QA and testing team.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service 24 x 7.
We start by listening to you – in order to understand your staffing
or outsourcing requirements, technology, work environment, and
business culture.

We then utilize our many years of experience and skills to identify, screen, and propose candidates that best meet your needs. Our goal is to match you with the resource that you deserve.

OnTarget Quality runs a QA Tester internship program designed to produce QA professionals who will continue to contribute to meeting the demands of Israel’s technological future.